Herb Kent- The Cool Gent

What would music be without the historic Chicago disc jockey, Herb Kent? For those of us who were raised on the south side of Chicago, he puts the Chi into Chicago. His deep, melodious voice has been an intricate part of the city’s fiber since my middle school years.

He has created all types of hilarious terms that entertained us such as being a ‘boss feznecki.’ That is the description for a good- looking girl. His deep, baritone voice is timeless and whenever I hear him, I know that I am in Chicago.

Though we do not get to hear him on a daily basis anymore, Sunday afternoons are treasures as he takes us back in time with his spinning of songs. I can relive snippets of my early teen years, teen years, and young adult years on through adulthood.

Songs are like perfumes and colognes. They usually transport us back to a time and location gone by, whether the memories are pleasant or not. But one thing is certain; we have come a long way. So, much has transpired since some of those songs were popular and we are still here along with Herb Kent. We are still creating new paths and making new inroads.

The other day, I was driving into the city and the minute I heard his deep, mellow voice, I knew it was Sunday in Chicago. He is “Easy like Sunday morning,”as the Commodores sang.  Hearing ‘Herbie Baby’ made me smile and remember the days of my youth.

It energized me as I picked up my speed and swayed to the beat. I have driven an array of Ford Falcons from stick-shift on the collar to automatics as I weaved in and out of traffic with Herb Kent adding to my confidence with his light sense of humor.

The wonderful and comical Herb Kent remains and still adds a chuckle as he tells stories about the artists between the choices of songs. This deejay is truly a Chicago icon and each time I hear him, I simply say, “Oh yeah. This is going to be fun!”

Herb Kent

June 8, 2015


2 thoughts on “Herb Kent- The Cool Gent

  1. I enjoyed your blog on Herbie Baby. He is a Chitown Legend! I am so happy that I’m able to listen to his Sunday shows on iHeart Radio now. He connects me to the memories of my youth with those “dusties” and the knowledge he shares about the artists. I feel so Blessed to have experienced this phenomenal man in my lifetime!

    1. Yes, Kay. He is now 86 and sounds 26 years old. He was the DJ for our 30th class reunion so I can say I saw him in person. He is also Hyde Park graduate! Lucky us. Lynn

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