A Song for You!

Warm Intrigues -Cover

Tyre and Phoenix have taken a temporary hiatus away from each other after she discovers that he has fathered a child from a previous relationship. She felt that they had shared all of the secrets and hidden things. This catches her off guard and she exits the relationship because she is overwhelmed. What she does not realize is that he was also surprised by the news. He sees her from a distance during the break up.

When he pulled into the store parking lot, he saw a car that looked
like Phoenix’s. He drove closer and saw her parking decal from her
workplace. “Oops,” he thought. He looked around and did not see her
coming. He wanted to honor her two-week request, so he chose to put
his car in a place where she would not see him. He listened to music and
waited until he saw her emerge from the store. Finally, after what seemed
like an eternity, she came out of the store. She looked like a somewhat
bruised peach dressed in a peach jogging suit. He watched as she headed
toward her car. There was something that seemed different about her
demeanor. Her face was tightly drawn, and she did not look quite like the
Phoenix he knew. Maybe this was the face that she showed the world. She
had a stony look. He watched as she headed toward her car.

He wanted to go over and hug her and help her ease the pain. He
wanted to help her release that tightness of her jaw, but he knew that he
had to stay in the shadows. He would give her time to hopefully come
back to him and accept what had altered their lives. He watched her pull
off and assumed that she was out visiting her mother. He knew why. He
thought about what a difference a smile made and hoped that she would
flash it at him once again!
From: Warm Intrigues

I believe that Donny Hathaway could best speak Tyre’s sentiments if he had a chance to explain his feelings for Phoenix. Listen to “A Song For You “ and see if you agree.

June 13, 2015

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