Space to Create!

Artists of all types of media are here to offer that aesthetic reprieve for others who are dealing with the humdrums of everyday life. My mother often spoke of how the love stories at the movie houses kept them inspired during World War II. Those stories and images gave them hope and entertained them for a couple of hours as they forgot about the real life events. They truly needed to be transported to another locale and only good art can do that for the populations.

Artists’ works shine even more brilliantly in the midst of a huge crisis. Paintings seem deeper in color; writings touch the heart strings and songs end up being the backdrop for everyday life itself. Consequently, artists need space to create these works. Blank pages, blank canvases and blank score sheets must be filled with those words, brush strokes or musical notes. They need physical and mental space to put those ideas into some tangible form.

Virginia Woolf wrote a piece called A Room of One’s Own. It is a small book that says that women need money and quiet place to write fiction. She was right because all artists need a writing room, studio or music room to create artistic works and money should not be a major issue.

And very importantly, they need an understanding family and mate. If they say they are busy, it should not be taken as a snub because ultimately, the family may be very proud to say that this highly creative person is a part of their family.

Thorny Sterling wrote a light, humorous book called How to Live with a Writer. He writes, “If your writer spends inordinate amounts of time staring into space, brace yourself. They have an idea.” So, those who live with an artist must be understanding, secure and selfless. They will know that the change of moods and times of being locked away in a space is a part of the process.

They will soon realize that some work is underway and gently close the door as the artist works to entertain others. Actually, they are lucky to reside with someone who has such a huge responsibility and honor that calling by giving them the free reign to make something grand!

June 15, 2015

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