Talking with Paul M. Kramer, Author


Today, I have the honor of interviewing Paul M. Kramer of Hawaii.   I have reviewed a few of his books in the past and they are a mother and an educator’s dream.  He tackles issues that all caretakers struggle with such bedwetting, thumbsucking, obesity, bullies and a host of other topics that are rarely written about in such a simplistic format.

Here is how Mr. Kramer answered my questions:

When did you first know that writing was your artist talent?

About ten years ago after writing somewhere about 200 inspiration poems, a little boy who I read a poem to, titled “Bullies” challenged me. He asked me if I write children’s books. I replied, “No, not so far.” He then said, “Why don’t you write a children’s book about “Bullies.” About a year after that, my first children’s book was born. I was told that it was a great first effort and that I definitely had talent for writing children’s books. Since then I have written somewhere about 30 children’s books striving to make each book a future classic.

How would you describe your intentions when writing? What messages do you hope to deliver?

Below is a Marketing Piece that describes the messages I hope to deliver.
“Entertaining and fun to read, more than just a story, more than just a book.
Helping kids overcome insecurities,developing self-esteem and a positive outlook.

The subject matter is about children’s issues.
Planting seeds of confidence that will blossom another day,
being understanding, patient and compassionate,enabling yesterday’s pain to slowly fade away.”

Who are your targeted audiences? Why?
Each book has its individual target audience. Most of my books are geared for children who are in the second grade through the sixth grade. However, I have books like “Thumb Suckers and “Dottie Goes Potty,” that are obviously geared for the younger child. “Why Are We Fat,” can be an effective book for teenagers as well as children.


Where would you like your books to be placed for increased readership?
Ideally, I would be thrilled if my books were in school and public libraries throughout the US and other English speaking countries. I would of course love them to be sold through book retail stores as well.

Which work or works are you most proud of?
I consider my books similar to one having several children. You love them all. However, if I had to choose, I would say, “Divorce Stinks”, “Bullies Beware,” and “Maggie Eats Healthier” would rank high of books I am most proud of.

A new book coming soon titled “Jenny Cancer Survivor” would definitely be on that list and another new book titled, “Why Kids Lie,” also coming out in a little later on will also make that list.


Please add any information that you would like to share about yourself and your books.

In addition to the about the Author Page that appears on my books, I have been honored to have 6 of my children’s books win Mom’s Choice Awards. They are “Why Are We Fat”, “Zeep Needs More Sleep,” “Bullies Beware,” “Maggie Eats Healthier,” “Divorce Stinks,” and “Our Feet Were Made For Walking.”

About the Author

kramer (1)

Paul M. Kramer lives in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Maui with his wife Cindy and their son Lukas. Paul was born and raised in New York City.
Mr. Kramer’s books attempt to reduce stress and anxiety and resolve important issues children face in their everyday lives. His books are often written in rhyme. They are entertaining, inspirational, educational and easy to read. One of his goals is to increase the child’s sense of self-worth.
He has written books on various subjects such as bullying, divorce, sleep deprivation, worrying, shyness, and weight issues.
Mr. Kramer has appeared on “Good Morning America,” “The Doctors,” “CNN Live” as well as several other Television Shows in the United States and Canada. He’s been interviewed and aired on many radio programs including the British Broadcasting System and has had countless articles written about his work in major newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

Visit his website and fill those classroom, school, public and home libraries with these wonderful books!

June 17, 2015                                                                             


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