Thanks, Social Media!

Social media has truly enhanced my writing! We often think of writers as people sitting in isolation while writing on a legal pad or typing away on a laptop. But in 2015, I have found that social media has helped me market my writings on Twitter as I attempt to get the word out!

And then, there is YouTube. I have added a few music videos to an excerpt from a written piece and it helped set the tone and mood for that scene. The comments were positive and it seemed to work quite well. After all, that is what movie producers do. They add those poignant songs to a touching love scene and it is forever etched in our memory.

Though we make take colors for granted, we must realize that we live our lives in color. We do not live and see life in black and white like the old movies. The richer colors, the better. Writers market their books by showcasing their colorful book jackets.

Painters display some of their paintings by adding images to social media. Marketing is all about seeing something eye-catching on a regular basis. Eventually, a potential customer might say, “Hmm. Let me pick this one up.”

The other day, a music video worked for me in another way. First, I heard a song on the radio. I later looked it up on YouTube and the music video inspired me to write a scene that I had not planned to write. I played it several times until I could really see my two characters dancing to the beat.

Yes, social media is a great tool for us. It helps us market our artistic pieces whether we text about it, add images or imbed songs. And, on a really creative day, it can be the motivation for writing a beautiful scene that was almost left out!

June 19, 2015

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