Capturing the Moment!

Sunday in the Park
Being in the park on Father’s Day was quite special! The weather was beautiful, sunny, and mildly hot. The stars were truly aligned. Families were sitting on blankets on the grass with spreads of delicious delicacies. They were conversing softly among themselves.

It was peaceful and no one was in a hurry. People had plenty of space to enjoy the special day. Some played Frisbee with their children and I happened to be sitting on a bench that faced the scenic, blue Lake Michigan. I could see the quiet sailboats dotting the horizon and I could hear the motorboats as their gunned engines hit the choppy waves.

There was a walking trail right in front of where I was sitting. I saw families moving by at a slow pace as they relished every moment of this glorious day. I thought of the word promenade because the families strolled by slowly as they talked with one another and walked with their beautiful, healthy dogs, as well.

I thought of a painting by Georges Seurat for this was truly a Sunday at the park. His famous work is called A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. It was his largest piece and it now hangs at the Art Institute in Chicago.

I saw a play on the life of Seurat and I was reminded of how he took a blank canvas and filled it up with memorable images. The backdrop at the play was a huge white blank piece and as he used his artistry to start a work, it ended up being this historic piece of art. It is so large that viewers feel as if they are there at the park with the others.

That is what artists do, successfully. They take an everyday event and recapture the moments in a variety of mediums. The can paint, sing, write, photograph or even pen a poem about what they have seen and heard.

Then their audiences can say, “Oh yes, I remember that day!” Art can start many conversations and others may chime in and share what they recall about the event. Several can enjoy the moment but it takes an artist to provide others with that keepsake which allows them to relive those times that have gone by!

June 23, 2015


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