Designing Your Own Book Covers!

I was able to assist with the design of the covers of my three self-published works. Creative souls are often able to create on many levels of medium. So, I truly had a hand in deciding what would be on the cover of my books. Companies that self-publish may be more receptive to the writer’s input.

I presented my design along with the manuscript to the publishing company and the design team capitalized on that idea. I have found that book covers and titles are extremely important. The images on the cover send an immediate message to the would-be buyer and it has to say something quietly and in a flash.

In A Golden Leaf in Time, I designed the cover by cutting and pasting images from the Internet. I sent them four leaves going from green to gold that went across the page and added notes. The design team decided to take the leaves in an upward position which looked more like a branch from a tree. I was quite pleased.

The green leaf represents Phoenix’s naiveté and the fact that she was ‘in a pickle,’ so to speak. As she matures and takes responsibility for her state of affairs, the colors evolve, as she does. She reaches a golden state at the end of the novella because she has become the best person that she can be, at that point in her life.

The original book had a white background but it was my very first book and there were just too many errors. It bothered me; so almost four years later, I re-invested and wrote A Golden Leaf in Time Revised. This one has a gold background because I wanted to differentiate the two editions.

Golden Leaf thumbnail

As a former bookseller, I know the power of an eye-catching cover. Adults still like colors and I have seen many of them pick up and purchase books based on their appearance. An attractive book cover can equate the difference between a sale and no sale.

When I wrote Traveling Streams: A Reflective Journey, I gave the publishing company my cover design idea, again. This book is about living and writing from various places. It can be described as partial memoirs along with poems, prose and short stories. I chose a globe with a route on it and the publishing company took it from there. I was satisfied!

Traveling Streams

Warm Intrigues is a sequel to A Golden Leaf in Time Revised. With this one, I believe that I simply said that the cover should be something romantic. They chose a tropical scene and it fit because the story ends on the island of Maui. The colors are deep, rich and inviting and it sends the message of warmth.

Publishing companies do have design teams, but I think it helps if the writer lets them know what message they want to convey to the readers. I have seen books with the wrong book covers and that can make customers walk right pass a really good book!
Warm Intrigues

June 27, 2015

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