If Not Now, When?

Fireworks 2

Each year we should look back on where we were this time last year. What have we accomplished? How far have we come? What have we learned about life or people in general?

Doing an honest inventory helps us see that we are still evolving into more wholeness. Each year we figure out more things and more light is emitted. I had an uncle who said, “By the time we figure out how to live, it is time to die.” I understood his meaning. Yes, it does take years to see what is important and what is not.

But, I would like to think that “By the time we figure out how to live, we may be older but we should live life more fully each day.” We should make no small plans and start doing the things that we say that we want to do in life. If not now, when? Nothing is sadder than to see a wasted life filled with regrets.

Grant it, few of us accomplish everything we set out to do, but by George, at least be found trying to knock that “to-do list” down. One of the educators’ mottos is, “Failure is not an option.” Well, we could proclaim individually that “Procrastination is not an option.”

With the advent of the Internet, answers are one keystroke away. We can type in anything that we want to research and get immediate information. So, this July, we should truly let freedom ring and take advantage of the opportunities that are already here. Take the trip; write the book; paint the picture; visit the older relative; build the dream house or whatever it is that is on that list written many years ago.

We must stop putting off until tomorrow what should be done today. As the Spanish Proverb saying goes, “Manana is often the busiest day of the week!”

Lynn M.
July 2, 2015


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