What are you free from today? We should list our freedoms. We thank goodness that we have wiggled free or were graciously supported as we were freed from something. Each year, like a worm, we shed old skins as we get rid of limitations and restrictions.

We move out of the box or we at least expand the boundaries of the box. We can then navigate our lives with greater freedom. We have more space to stretch, flex our muscles and most importantly, to think clearly.

Freedoms can be simple things such as: having time to reflect; walking in the park; reading a book; calling a friend or having a conversation of depth with an understanding loved one. Freedom is having the time to read a newspaper as we slowly and mindfully turn the pages and decide which articles we find appealing.

It definitely includes the freedom to move at an unhurried pace if it is not a work day and no clock to be punched. It could be the freedom to saying no to those people that have exhausted us and exploited our goodness.

We exercise these freedoms every day, though we may not have taken note of them. Freedoms should take us up to higher levels and help us flap our wings like eagles. We should be able to breathe easier as we rise to new heights because it is less populated and there is less strife over space.

Yet, sometimes, we may need to exercise self-discipline as we enjoy our freedoms. This prose speaks to that.

People running to and fro,
Victims of their own freedoms.

Unable to sit still,
Always in motion.

When answers come
From the quiet within.

Stop. Look.
Listen to the still small voice
That guides.

Happy Fourth of July!!
US flag

Lynn M.
July 4, 2015


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