Like A Falcon

Falcon in flight

I never knew the characteristics of a falcon until yesterday.  After hearing a news story which stated that they were no longer extinct in Illinois, I decided to do a little research about them.

Interestingly, I had three cars that were Ford Falcons.  Their colors were mint green, metallic blue and white.  They were obviously named for the bird, known as the falcon. According to online sources, “The falcon is the Earth’s fastest moving creature. They can dive at 200 miles per hour.”

They are birds of prey so when they see something that they want, they go for it. We can learn from them because life is ever-changing and the moments are fleeting.  We should take advantage of every opportunity that will widen our horizons and not procrastinate.

These birds can fly at really high speeds and they can change directions rapidly.  How many times have we been asked to switch it up or go with the flow? Or we hear clichés that remind us to adapt to the times or to be flexible. All of the messages are saying,  just do it. It will probably benefit us in the long run.

There is a beloved children’s story called Anansi the Spider.  Anansi, the spider, often managed to get into the worst possible situations.  In this story, he is swallowed by a fish and later captured by a falcon. His six sons, each with unique talents, save him.  His sons were: See Trouble; Road Builder; River Drinker; Game Skinner; Stone Thrower and the youngest, Cushion.

Anansi -cover

I was reminded of this story when I read about the falcon’s keen vision.  He or she can see things from far away like Anansi’s son, See Trouble.  The falcon’s vision is said to be 2.6 times sharper than human beings.  See Trouble was the one who saw that their father was in trouble. He alerted his brothers and they all sprang into action. When Anansi was released from the falcon’s grip, he fell from the sky and landed on his youngest son, Cushion.

We too, must use our eyes of discernment.  We can ‘see trouble’ if we rely on our gut level feelings that alert us to danger.  My father used to remind me to, “Go with my first mind.” There is that something that speaks to warn us so that we have time to build our walls of defense against the negative forces.

We should learn from the falcon:

  • They travel at high speeds and act quickly. Like them, we can move it or lose it.
  • They can change directions at a moment’s notice. We  must make those necessary changes.
  • Falcons can see things from afar. We should trust those feelings that say that something is amiss.

We can soar like a falcon, if we remain flexible and keep a high watch! Then, we can cruise into those smooth landings!

Lynn M.                                                                                        July 16, 2015

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