Friends?  What do real friends do? Real friends help us empty the receptacles of our minds.  Sometimes, we may toss and turn as we wrestle with those things which we find unsettling.  And then, there appears that friend; the one with whom we can bare our souls.

We can safely share those emotions that had us in a whirlwind.  As we talk, we hear ourselves and they become our sounding boards. Talking or conversing with a friend is similar to writing a literary piece.  William Faulkner wrote, “I never know what I think about something until I read what I’ve written on it.”

This also applies to in-depth conversations.  As we talk, we hear ourselves, our views and our thoughts.  We may be somewhat surprised as we listen to ourselves while in trusted company. We are unguarded and we feel safe enough to express from the seat of our souls.

Spilling it out into the open air frees us from those garbled thoughts as we get rid of the cobwebs of our minds.  I had an older sister who would say, “Come on down. Let’s talk about it.”

Another friend once sent me a card and on the front, it said, “Pour.” It was symbolic of pouring out those troubling thoughts that had been mulling around. They can keep us going in circles as the tape plays over and over again.

I think of the lost art of ironing.  We had to iron clothes as youngsters. It was a tedious job and I don’t know of anyone who looked forward to doing it.  Once a garment had been washed and dried, it had to be ironed or straightened out in order to present an acceptable appearance.  The wrinkles had to be dissipated.

That is what friends do.  They allow us to get rid of the crinkles.  They listen to us and we listen to them. We hear ourselves.  They hear themselves and when the parting comes, we can walk away feeling strengthened from the conversation.  We have more clarity.  The road has become linear and we exhale.  We sigh and as we later reflect, we can say to ourselves, “I know just what I need to do.”

Lynn M.                                                                                                              July 18, 2015

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