Summer Reading

Many libraries work diligently to encourage young people to read during the summer months.  Several reading groups and reading clubs are formed to keep them positively engaged.  Book lists are leveled by age and genre and the youth can join in on the reading fun.

Rewards and incentives are filtered throughout the reading programs so that each participant can feel the wonder of achievement.  For those who cannot afford a summer vacation, an adventure is only a book away.

Adults also catch up on their reading during the summer months.  It is a great way to relax under the air-conditioning after enough hours have been spent outside in the hot sun.

Websites like Goodreads ask us, “What are you currently reading?”  It reminds us that we should be reading something.  The website also checks to see how far we’ve gotten in the book.  It keeps us on our toes because we should be making progress through a book.  And, if there is no progress, maybe we should discard the book, if it is not holding our interest.  That’s okay too, if it is not mandatory reading.

I have read a few books this summer and I really like it when one book refers me to another one.  While reading Williams’ The Lost Daughter, she mentioned Karr’s The Liar’s Club.  I had heard of the book and remember when it was quite the rave.  So, I felt that this was a perfect time to go and get a copy.

When I got to the library and found the right section, there were multiple copies of The Liar’s Club.  I am sure that this book has been in demand by book clubs and group discussions.  Although it came out in 1995, I am just getting around to it.  Better late than never!  I am well on my way and I am enjoying this memoir.

I pick up titles that I never found time to read during the summer and the Christmas holidays.   I now have the print copy of The Liar’s Club and just uploaded Forster’s A Room with a View on my Kindle.  I like to have the benefit of using both mediums.  When I get tired of reading one, I can pick up the other to stay busy during those lazy days of summer.

What you are currently reading during this summer?

Lynn M.

July 22, 2015

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