Where does art come from?  Art comes from somewhere out of the core of our beings.  There is this central churning that spews out the creativity.  There is this something that demands to be formed or shaped into a tangible expression.

It may show up in the eyes of the world as a work of beauty whether it be lyrics to a song or a snazzy poem.  It could be an original dress design or odd-shaped ring or piece of jewelry.  Somehow, the artist possibly sees or hears something that no one else has seen or heard.  An interviewer asked Michael Jackson what inspired the lyrics and music for his songs.  He responded, “They just come. I hear them.”

Once an artist is clear about the messages received, this something is waiting to be chiseled or hammered into a recognizable result.  Michelangelo said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”  He was referring to his famous sculpture of David.

It takes the eye and ear of an artist to not only see the possibility, but to tap, scrape, draw, sketch or write that blank form into a medium that others can see, feel or touch.  Art itself is often the artist’s way of channeling grieve, anger, disappointment, delays or other emotions that could have found adverse outlets.  After creating something grand, even the artist may feel a sense of relief and a greater level of clarity.  The light in the tunnel has been turned on for the viewers and for the artist as well.

Out of chaos, that something that has been formed may cause others to sigh and say, “Ah. Nice.” So, artist should take to those laptops, writing pads, canvases, paint brushes, music studios, pottery wheels or whatever medium and spill out those emotions.  Then onlookers can walk by, read or listen to the final product and say, “Yes. I like it!”

Lynn M.

July 26, 2015

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