A Continuum: Tyre and Phoenix


My latest novella is called A Continuum: Tyre and Phoenix.  It just hit the Trafford Bookstore and Amazon websites last Thursday as a soft paperback.  The e-book is forthcoming! It is brief tale but it is power-packed.  It is a one, two punch!

People don’t have a lot of time these days so a quick read will keep the reader actively engaged.  Though it is short textual piece about Tyre and Phoenix, there is a lot to ponder. It could generate some lively discussions!

In the first book, A Golden Leaf in Time, Tyre (Trey) and Phoenix meet at the end of the book.  Both have had tumultuous lives with a series of failed relationships and job woes.  They are happy to meet each other and they see this union as a fresh breath of spring air.  There are possibilities on the horizon.

The sequel, Warm Intrigues focuses on Tyre and Phoenix’s dating scenes.  He lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago and she lives in the southern suburbs. The commute alone tests the seriousness of their new relationship.  They eat at a series of restaurants and go to a few hotspots in the Chicagoland area as they get to know each other.  They end up sealing the deal.

And now in A Continuum: Tyre and Phoenix,  they experience the ups and downs of their first year of marriage. He is a college professor and she is a college librarian and they now live in the city itself.  Will their love continue? Is the spark still there after a hard day’s work? Will the ghosts of the past pull them apart or will they further cement these two who seem to be lucky in love?

Order a copy of A Continuum: Tyre and Phoenix and see how things turn out!  Or order all three books and see how this love evolved through it all.


Golden Leaf thumbnail                                                                                                           Warm Intrigues -Cover

Lynn M.

July 27, 2015

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