Encouraging Songs!

Songs can encourage us to proceed as we take the next steps on our walk down Fate’s path.  There is a design and we don’t necessarily have access to that hidden plan; but just as we approach a stop sign, we put our foot on the brakes, look both ways and move forward with caution.

All generations have had songs to help them ‘keep on keeping on’ even when they could not see what was ahead.  I just heard a song on the radio which had me feeling uplifted called, Yes You Can by Marvin Sapp.  I was bobbing my head along and I felt as if I could handle whatever was coming down the pike.

During the turbulent 60’s, Curtis Mayfield reminded his listeners to Keep on Pushing.  I played this for my 8th grade students because I knew that they were navigating the emotions that come with teenage angst along with battling the mean streets of the inner city.  They listened and had the words to really get the message.

Another song that helped me motivate them was Tupac’s Keep your Head Up.  I looked for ways to reach them in a language that they could understand.  I feel that my efforts were appreciated.

Once when I was working in an office setting, these guys came in and they were obviously facing some challenge.  They said, “Let’s sing the Fight Song.”  I laughed and imagined that they were probably former college football players. It got them pumped up for their battle ahead.

In one of my books, the librarian, Phoenix is feeling quite low because a job change is inevitable.  Yet, when she hears the young children singing, You’ll Never Walk Alone, it touches her deeply and she feels like going on. There are many renditions to that song, but we had the one and only Roy Hamilton’s version while we were growing up.

There are so many songs that keep us inspired when the road ahead looks bleak.  Years ago, the Tempting T’s, an affectionate name for the group The Temptations, sang Keep on Walking, Don’t Look Back. That encouraged a lot of people by reminding them that they should keep it moving.

And lastly, Donnie McClurkin took me to work on many days and as he soothed and reassured me when he sang, We Fall Down and the lyrics continue, “But we get back up again!”

Where would the world be without the music?  Songs keeps us balanced, grounded and inspired as we stay on the life train and keep chugging along.

Lynn M.

August 18, 2015


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