Above the Fray

In life, sometimes we have to adjust our altitudes.  Just as planes go higher to avoid the turbulent skies, we must follow suit and go up a little higher. The ruckus or choppy weather is still happening but we are less affected by it because we have found smoother airwaves.

When events are tumultuous in the lives of our loved ones and friends, we truly want to be of assistance.  But we cannot be a guiding force if we are like Elvis sang,  All Shook Up. So, we find calmer, thinner air and at some point we come to a rest.

We perch with an aerial view as we assess and see what is really going on.  We quietly wait until we have gathered the facts and make a plan for later re-entry into the fray.  While perched, we prepare.

And how will we do that?

  • We spend a lot of time in the silence.
  • We meditate, pray or use varied methods to connect to our Higher Power.
  • We read.
  • We gather information or data.
  • We spend time reflecting on our thoughts.
  • We take copious notes and jot down whatever is revealed.
  • We formulate a plan of action.
  • We add at least a couple of alternative  or back-up plans to Plan A.
  • We anticipate possible scenarios and dialogues.
  • We make a list of mock responses to prepare for counterattacks.
  • We get good nights of sleep.
  • We eat healthy foods.
  • We exercise.
  • We breathe and take deep breaths to refresh our lungs.
  • We vow as Catherine Ponder said in Millionaire Joshua, “To keep our cool emotionally.”

And then, we flap our wings.  We gain momentum. We become airborne. We descend.  We affirm, “Going in.” And we fly down to meet the situation head on feeling assured that there will be a victory because, we are equipped!

Millionaire Josuha

Lynn M.

August 23, 2015


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