Common Courtesies

Thought.  Have we become such a fast-paced society that we don’t have time to say thanks, merci or gracias. Years ago, it was an automatic response to time well-spent; a consideration shown or a listening ear loaned.

But it seems that now it is more of a gulp as one hurriedly eats.  We take in others’ efforts to accommodate and swallow it down leaving a void and vacuum where there had once been something.  And too often, there is no thank you nor even an acknowledgement.

There was a time when even applicants for a job were acknowledged for their efforts to get the resume there on time and certainly for making it to an interview if one was on the agenda.  I remember having to borrow money for gas to get to an interview or even borrow the right blouse to try to make that connecting impression.

At least then, even if you were not the chosen candidate, there was a letter or email that said thank you for your time and most often your dime.  Money will have to be spent to get there, one way or the other.  It could be for gas or a new outfit and heaven forbid, if you flew to an interview in another city and paid for it out of your own pocket.  Oops.  Not to mention the hotel because sleeping in the airport would not work. Shucks, tag on that cab fare and yep, you had to eat. Add: long –term parking in your home airport lot.

And then?  No response.  Nada.  No email saying thanks for coming in to sit with us.  No closing the deal to say that JoJo got the job, but thanks for spending your time and several dimes to attempt to work for our establishment.

Those used to be considered to be common courtesies that came with the territory of hiring and interviewing practices.  Oversights are difficult when they come from family and friends but there is a degree of leeway for forgiveness with them. After all, you know them and their shortcomings. But with companies and corporations, that is simply unacceptable. Period.

Certainly, we are not that busy or in a hurry to turn over the next deal.  And where are the gatekeepers? Are we not teaching the young professionals how to do business?  There should be guidelines and really no one should have to say, “You should have done this.”  Common acknowledgements should not be an afterthought.  It should not be, “Oh yeah, I should have….”

Let us slow down and make sure we extend those common courtesies and acknowledgements to those who have responded to a request that we threw out there.  Even a job posting states that there is a need for some type of service.  To hear nothing is not okay.  We really did learn what we needed to know a long time ago as author Robert Fulghum reminds us in All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  We just think that no one is watching when we are rude and insensitive.

And in our dealings with those in our close circles, lack of saying thanks is asking to be put into some newer circles or out of the throngs of those who are most beneficial to our lives.  Robert Fulghum says it best when he said, ”Speed and efficiency do not always increase the quality of life.”


Lynn M.

August 26, 2015

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