Sign of the Times

Here we are in twenty-fifteen,
Refocus those lenses. Stay keen!

As disturbing events unfold,
Explanations cannot be told.

Tighten those holds. Simply grip,
Making sure that you do not slip.

Breathe. Sigh. Lean in. Fall into shape,
Stand silently. Mouths, not agape.

Wise ones! Pick up those spiritual books,
Find those quiet spaces and nooks.

Recall those teachings as a child,
From parents who were not that mild.

Smart ones, revisit their young ages,
Pull out those lessons from the sages.

Look for those sure, silver linings,
Keep unraveling those bindings.

Press down, grab ahold and hang tight,
Rest, but clinch with all of your might!

Lynn M.
August 31, 2015


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