Dr. Wayne Dyer

I first met Wayne Dyer through his book Your Erroneous Zones.  I am quite sure that my mother made the referral and I remember him saying that security is when you can handle anything coming down the pike.  Those may not be the exact words but they had great meaning for me at a time when I had just moved to a new city for graduate school.  Those words were reassuring as I sought a sense of security in my new surroundings.

In that same book, he used a parable about a dog that was chasing its tail and going around and around.  Someone tells the dog to just walk in a straight line and its tail would follow.  As in life, if we mind our own business, our affairs will fall into place.

Wayne Dyer.  Oh, what can I say about this great sage?  Well, for one, we were both born in the city of Detroit.  That captured my attention and that was an automatic link for me.  He had an abusive stepfather and when the family broke up, he spent some years in foster care.  His mother was later able to pull the family back together.  But, look at the creativity that came out of the chaos! He wrote over 30 books during his lifetime.  He gave countless workshops throughout the world and his PBS specials left many feeling richer and more confident about their destinies.

I was fortunate enough to see him in the late 90’s in Rosemont, Illinois at a conference.  I did not have the opportunity to hear him speak, but I saw him standing in the doorway of the ballroom as we listened to Stuart Wilde.  I remember his glistening eyes which silently said that he had found some sacred secrets to the keys of an abundant life.

On more than one occasion, when I was feeling low or my outcome was looking bleak, I would  channel surf and there Dyer would be- standing and giving an encouraging talk.  His PBS specials were very thorough and if part of it was missed, it would definitely be aired over and over again. There would be plenty of time to absorb all that he had to share with his viewers.

I felt as if I knew him because he was a part of my life for several decades.  I didn’t read all of his books, but those that I did read are still etched in my mind.  At another low point in my life, when I was not happy with where I lived, he reminded me to bless my roof and space. That helped me and I continued to count my blessings and I later reached higher ground.

He lived in Maui and his descriptions made me decide to use the island of Maui at the end of my book, Warm Intrigues.  My two characters, Tyre and Phoenix, fly there for their honeymoon. I have not been there yet, but I envisioned it from his talks and I took a few virtual tours to better write about that setting.

Dyer passed in Maui, a place where he found great solace, on August 29, 2015 at the age of 75.   I would like to thank Dr. Wayne Dyer for helping to shape my life and my trains of thought.  His books, his speeches and his talks have truly turned on the light in my life!

Lynn M.

September 1, 2015



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