Gratitude Pages

Are we grateful with what we already have?  We read and hear about what is wrong with so many people or situations.  The lessons of several of my spiritual teachers have reminded me to count my blessings.  We learned that as children, but we are in such a hurry these days.  We rarely slow down long enough to see what has already been given to us.

Lewis Carroll wrote, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get?”  When we pause or stop the heightened activity, the reflection time will reveal what has already occurred and taken place.  We can strike some of those items off of our wants list because we now have them.  Mission accomplished.

I often write Gratitude Pages.  I usually write them at the end of the day.  I might use a legal pad or a special journal, but I date and list the positive things that happened during the course of the day.

It may be a small thing, like an ideal parking space.  Or maybe, a parking space period.  It could be dry weather or peace in the home.  It could be something as small as a good cup of coffee with the right cream on hand.  Those of us that drink coffee know that it tastes better on some days, than on others.

We may give thanks for a job that we are not that particularly fond of because it pays the bills.  And usually, there is at least one coworker who makes us laugh which makes going to work more tolerable.

Even hearing a wonderful song that transports us into a better frame of mind or happier mood is something that we could add to our Gratitude Page.  We take so many little things for granted each day like leaving home and returning safely.

I have found that once I start my list of things that I am grateful for during a day, the list keeps growing and growing.  Items such as cheery hellos from neighbors or the celebration of another birthday are reasons to give hearty thanks.

We should be grateful when we wake up each morning and can get up and start a new day.  It means that we have another opportunity to problem solve and work on getting it right.  Albertina Walker sang a song called, I’m Still Here.  We can chime in and give continual recognition to what is going right in our personal worlds. This helps minimize the negative as we focus on what is being given to us on a daily basis. And now that we  are more graciously aware, we can rest assured that more good is definitely on its way!

Lynn M.

September 4, 2015


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