Making Peace

When we make peace with others, it is equivalent to making a deposit into our personal bank accounts.  We are refilled with abundant light, energy and more love overflows from us.  It is like a fountain that continually pours out the waters of plenty.  There is enough.  There will always be enough because the source is forever being replenished.

When we let go of the bitterness and the acrimonious feelings from disagreements and misunderstandings, we feel as if a huge log has been removed from our shoulders.  We no longer walk around like Atlas, toting the world around and feeling bogged down by the weight of it all.

And why do we extend ourselves to those who have been unnecessarily harsh?  We do it because it is liberating.  We breathe easier.  Our shoulders come down from the unconscious hunched position.  We exhale more deeply.  We find our smile and lightness of Spirit again.  We laugh more and radiate as we realign ourselves with the joy of everyday living.

We have a reawakening and realize that it is not that serious.  Nothing is, really.  We may never have a full understanding as to why people make the choices that they make. However, the quicker we flick it off of our shoulders, the livelier our step will become as we move forward and distance ourselves from it all.

We can do a power walk, a sprint or even jog as we glide forward on the path that leads us to the wonderful things that lie ahead.  We can become focused on that beckoning finger and we do not have time to look back nor give our energy to the shadows of the past.

We simply smile and give thanks that whatever it was, did not break us.  We just ease on down the road towards our awaiting good!

Lynn M.                                                      peace             September 20, 2015


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