Pope Francis

Pope Francis said, “Life is a journey.  When we stop, things don’t go right.” Well he certainly proved his belief in this statement when he graced us with his wonderful presence here in the States.  I tweeted a fellow writer in the UK and said that, “He has made America smile.”  I could have added the word, again.

After so many horrific railings and sadness in the daily news, the Pope’s visit was comparable to a gracious grandfather who gently nudged us back on track.  He subtly reminded us of all of the basic things that we were taught as small children such as ‘Mind your manners; be kind to others; say thank you; do good deeds; be respectful of your elders or help your neighbor.’

So many of us have lost our footings as we have climbed the economic and social ladders to what we perceive as success.  Consequently, we have become rude, abrasive and intolerant of each other.  Yet, this gentle Pope of the people reminded us that the planet belongs to all of us.  There is truly enough room and resources to go around if we share and do not hoard our possessions.

Pope Francis shared light and love and gave hope to the thousands who lined the streets and temples in Washington D.C, New York and Philadelphia.  People waited for hours and several people traveled many miles to get as close to him as possible.  Many did get a glimpse of the Pope in his mobile and saw him wave or speak, if they were really lucky.

For those of us who do not live on the East Coast, we still got as close as we could by hovering around the television set.  His whirlwind trip to America was like sunshine beaming down on a drying plant that needed some light.  And, then he added his precious watering by spreading words of encouragement which signaled that we should keep on keeping on, as we continue on our blessed paths.

Lynn M.                                                                            September 29, 2015

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