An Old Friend!

I assisted a school librarian with re-shelving books the other day.  It is never a fun task and can be quite tedious work.  We chatted to lighten the burden and we talked about how seeing certain books can be compared to seeing an old friend.  Some books have traveled miles with us on our journey. For some reason, we have met that fork in the road and parted ways.

If we are reconnected with that book, it is a great.  Even if it is a copy of the original, the content is the same and the text still reads with the same flow.  If it has pictures, they are just as captivating.  Those are all of the characteristics of a dear friend.

The librarian and I had just finished that conversation and poof – it happened! Just like that!  I exclaimed, “I love this book!  I picked up a copy of The Napping House by Audrey Wood.  I had not seen a copy in some time and I hugged it like I would a  friend that I had not seen in many moons.

And oh!  The pleasant memories flourished.  I thought of the countless times I entertained the little ones as I read this book.  I remembered the movie that went along with it and the audio tapes that I had purchased as well.  I thought of the worksheets which taught shapes such as triangles, squares and circles that accompanied this book. I also remembered that I had heard Don Wood, the illustrator of the book, speak at a conference.

The colors make the book as well as the story.  As the title suggests, everyone in the house is sleeping and the blue cover truly makes one think of a rainy, lazy morning.  In the book, the granny is sleeping and the pets in the house are all sleeping around her, until a wakeful flea starts to wake each of them.  As they wake up, the colors change from blues to yellows to loud oranges. All are happily awake in the end as the sun shines through the windows.

After a little fact-checking, I saw that the author Audrey Wood, is the spouse of illustrator Don Wood.  They made a hit together on this one.  Most libraries have several copies in various formats. Just seeing this book again brought back so many fond memories.

Books are like those special people in our lives that have crossed our paths.  If we are fortunate enough to see them again, we embrace them and realize what an impact they have made on our lives. They may not be in daily view, but the good vibrations linger just like with The Napping House.

I made a vow to purchase this book for my personal collection.  It is simply too precious to let it get away from me again.  Check out this gem of a book if you have little ones in your world!

Napping House

Lynn M.                                                                              October 18, 2015


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