Fulfilling Work!

Do you have a passion for what you do to make a living? Now that is a coined phrase that you don’t hear that much any more. Make a living. Or put in other ways you could say, make ends meet or bring home the bacon.

Here is the bottom line. Do you like what you have found yourself doing to bring home that paycheck? Is there a passion for the work? Another phrase says, “Do what you love and the Mercedes will follow.”

When you are fired up about your work, you will become deeply engaged and before you know it, you are reaping several rewards and benefits. You won’t realize how much time and energy you’ve spent  because you were enjoying yourself along the way.

Though you may be knee-deep into the work, before you can say Jack Spratt, hours, days, weeks or months have passed.  By the time you take a look in your rear view mirror, there is a long trail with miles and miles of accomplishment.

During a pause or rest period, you look and say, Wow! Yes, dollars have been made but reels of satisfaction have been rolled around too. The fruits of your labor have built up like piles of precious leaves.  They stand as little golden nuggets or chips waiting to be cashed in for items such as a promotion, a vacation, or an acknowledgement from meaningful observers.

Appreciation may come in the form of a nod of approval, a smile,a  pay raise, a higher position. Or,there may be a welcoming hello from someone who is genuinely happy that you are there to share your talent.

The next time someone asks you what you do, hopefully, you are fired up and start talking excitedly. If not, maybe you have missed your calling. If your response is dry and you have little to say, perhaps you have not found your niche. Maybe, you don’t understand why you have no enthusiasm for your work.  As Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Making money is essential, but do you like what you do? If not, keep searching for that fulfilling work!  It can bring satisfaction to your soul and quench that thirst in your Spirit. How about it?

Lynn M.
October 24, 2015

7 thoughts on “Fulfilling Work!

  1. Sorry, I should have assed a smiley there…I’m not that negative, but yes, the energy you need to put on the right ‘show’ these days is tremendous. All my colleagues say the same. Teaching students has changed in recent years 😏

  2. That’s funny! Mine also seems to put words in my mouth and I later feel embarrassed, as if to say, I knew better than that! So, like you, I send out a correction. Technology! Lynn

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