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Give or Take?

Are you a giver or a taker?  Florence Scovel Shinn says. “What you do for others, you are doing for yourself.”  Those who give to others understand that they are building a hope chest that will be filled with a bountiful harvest.

Giving to others may not render immediate results, but abundance is surely on its way.  Actually it is already present when we wake up each day in good health and have a means of taking care of ourselves and our families.

Takers, on the other hand, sap our energy.  When we leave their spheres, we feel drained and exhausted.  We may have to lie down and regroup as we restore the energy that has been taken from us.  Stuart Wilde said, “They will constantly seek to borrow energy as they suck on any life force that they find.  They will have house plants that die and pets that get sick a lot.”  Once we know them, we look for an exit plan when we see them coming.

Yet, giving to others lightens our spirits and erases the heaviness of doom and gloom.  Some of the jigsaw puzzle pieces of life may not be understood, but we can rest assured that if we continue to create good karma, we will understand by and by.  We will have enough of everything that we need to survive and we will have joyous days along the way.

There is a spiritual song that reminds us that many people wish that they were in our shoes.  We may not have all of what we want, but we certainly have a lot more than some of those who are less fortunate.  When we apply the Golden Rule, we help spread goodness and cheer whenever we can to whoever we can.  And somehow, the Universe sees and responds affirmatively.  It takes care of us in every way.

I had a minister who told us that we should be “a joy to know.”  When some persons’ names are mentioned, there is automatically a positive response.  A smile, a nod or a general lightness of spirit shines when we hear certain names.  If time permits, a few light stories may be shared about that beloved person.

Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  People who leave us with a special feeling did something to make us feel that we were important and that we mattered and counted.  They may have taken the time to listen to our woes or responded by giving us their best advice.  They may have given us a quiet hug to show support or solidarity.  Or they may have given us a few words of encouragement and told us to hang in there or to keep the faith.

Giving to others is always beneficial and it empowers us as well as others.  We all know both types of people.  Takers deplete us and make us feel as if we need to recuperate. Givers build us up and put that pep in our step as we merrily sing a song like “I Feel Like Going On!”

Lynn M.

October 5, 2015


As the shades and colors change with the seasons, we too must alter our visions and readjust our lenses.  Like photographers, we add clarity, sharpen detail or even change the landscape as we work on perfecting a new picture.

For those of us who live in places that enjoy all four seasons, autumn is a multi-colored month that cannot be ignored.  Autumn, fondly called fall by many, evokes several conversations.  There is no way, we can drive by the tinted foliage of the trees and not have some type of verbal reaction.  Alice Walker said in The Color Purple, “I think it ticks, i.e. God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”   We do notice.

Autumn is the perfect time to fall in step with Mother Nature and prepare before Old Man Winter arrives with his long white beard and huge overcoat.  That change is not an option here and he shows up with a loud roar which makes us all shiver with a BRRR. We must take an inventory and see where we are on our journeys and carefully plan for a few months of frigid survival.

In order to be ready, we have to change like the colors of the leaves.  We change our wardrobes and put away the summer flair.  We change the oil and the anti-freeze in our cars.  We change from the light linens to the heavier flannel sets which offer us secure warmth.  We change from frivolous spending and tighten our purse strings remembering that those expensive holidays are on the way.  We change our methods of grocery shopping and stock up on those canned items which can fuel us on those snowed-in days.

And most importantly, we change our attitudes and outlooks.  We may have to take a second look at the circumstances surrounding us and see them a little differently. We readjust our goals and we take advantage of that which is readily set before us.

Then, we can graciously smile and nod at our new levels of acceptance. We understand that we can stand alongside the trees that go through their changes without struggle.  We take note and know that we are also being stripped of all of the unnecessary baggage.  Then, we can travel lightly as we get ready for the sparkling new!

Lynn M.

October 3, 2015

October 2015!

October is the month of zeal,
Autumn’s here. Time for the chill.

Leaves of green, burnt orange and gold.
Put in piles; bagged with a fold.

Trees left bare for a season.
Cold weather is the reason.

Time for sweaters and those coats.
Socks, gloves, umbrellas in totes.

Dark comes early; shorter days.
Having a hat truly pays!

Weather changes on the way,
Mother Nature has her say!

Lynn M.
October 1, 2015