When I think of those who are successful in teaching or in any endeavor for that matter, I think of a recipe for a cake.  To be truly effective, more is needed than sheer intellect. Yes, it is a vital for a person to be knowledgeable and cognitively astute.  That can be compared to the flour because it is the most essential ingredient before baking a cake.

That person should be trained in the field in order to be considered an expert.  Certain degrees or certificates are normally required to get hired for that position.  That’s like adding the eggs, milk and pinch of salt to the cake flour.

But where does the success come in?  Why are some so much more accomplished than others?  Why do others excel or stick out at a neck’s length ahead? Those people have probably incorporated a holistic approach. Whether it is in teaching, cooking, or whatever career choice, those who do extremely well have learned to add a sacred age-old method that never fails.

Great chefs, good teachers and historic leaders often understood that it takes much more than know-how and formal training. They have added the antidote to failure in their recipes of success. And what is that?

They have sprinkled in a generous, caring spirit of love.  This is the sugar or honey added into the fold of the batter for that tasty cake.  It puts the yum in yummy and it is sure to put a smile on the faces of those consumers, students or followers.

Their enthusiasm poured into the mix spills over the bowl to bring joy to many unsuspecting faces. Yes, the business acumen is there. Check.  Yes, the skill, training and education are there. Check.   But what fires others up and gets them really engaged? It is goodwill.

Sprinkling in a tad more love is like adding a little bit more sugar to get a truly delicious cake.  And, if  those gifts are shared with more zeal and heartfelt sincerity, happier outcomes are guaranteed!

Lynn M.

November 5, 2015

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