Producing Pearls!


We often hear of people who sink deeply into their work to keep themselves busy during painful times in their lives.  It is what sustains and comforts us when we are facing disappointment.

I am currently Anne Rivers Siddons book, The Girls of August.  Towards the beginning of the novel, one of the characters is unable to have a child.  She and her husband are heartbroken and they decide to delve deeper into their careers to “keep the pain at bay.”

Oftentimes careers or work, so to speak, can serve as that sure antidote to those personal upheavals and emotional storms.  Going to greater lengths to excel can give us a sense of success in other areas of our lives.

It is comparable to the agitation that an oyster or mollusk deals with when it is fighting to protect itself from foreign objects.  “When a grain of sand or other irritating substance gets stuck between the oysters mantle and shell, the oyster secrets nacre.  This shiny substance coats the grain of sand and over the years, it forms a lustrous pearl.” (

Similarly, when we are feeling agitated with the hand that has been dealt, we, too, may pour ourselves into some other forms of self-expression.  The mindfulness given to that work helps to avert those feelings of deep melancholy.

These outlets can keep us afloat and offer us an anchor or a new lease on life.  It meets a need and before we realize it, we have created something that is quite masterful.

Many songwriters, painters, poets and authors can attest to this fact.  They often create from a dark place of their own souls.  They were merely trying to move into a brighter space and found solace by using their unique skill or craft.

Their work happened to resonate with others and without even trying, they found a new audience. Gems are easily recognizable because emotions are universal. How majestic!

Lynn M.                           November 12, 2015

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