Snatches of Joy!


As we journey along the paths of our lives, there will be bumps in the road.  Sometimes, there are long stretches of bad, unpaved road ways as we travel towards some destination.  But, there are miles and miles of smooth pavement that we tend to forget.

Perhaps it is human nature to remember the discomfort.  No one likes it nor invites the rocky road, but as many wise ones have told us, we have to experience the night in order to appreciate the day.  As we complain about the dark nights or hard conditions, we often overlook the small glimmers of hope that were offered during the rough rides.

Have we honestly taken stock of all of the wonderful things that happened as we bounced up and down and chugged along?  If we take a candid moment, we will remember that there was always someone there to hold our hand or wipe a tear.

Someone was there to tell us that things would get better and someone gave us regular encouragement when we were stuck at our pity parties.  Someone was there to take us out for a meal or for a walk in the park or silently sit with us at the river, lake or sea.  Someone was there to remind us that trouble doesn’t last always as they shined a flashlight on our blighted paths.

So, when we share those tales of woe, we should remember to add those people or situations that were placed there to help us arrive at our destinations.  We should recall those quiet moments when our hope buoyed up and we caught those tiny snatches of joy!   That is what sustained us until we could breathe easier and clearly see our way.

Lynn M.                                                                November 30, 2015


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