Another Christmas!


Here we are saturated in that ‘most wonderful time of the year.’  No one can question that!  Even for those who practice other belief systems,  there is no denying that there is a huge celebration going on all around us.

It is everywhere! Christmas songs, favorite holiday movies such as Home Alone, The Sound of Music or It’s a Wonderful Life.  They  all help to mark this glorious season. Massive cooking is taking place along with sprucing up the living quarters to match those marathon shopping sprees.

There is a magic on the air.  It is filled with a quiet expectation and wonder. There is a sacred silence. A holiness. And then there’s that certain peace- that peace deep down in our souls.

There are smiles, open hearts and reunions.  Conversations are being held with those who know us best.  It is a season of hope and faith.  There is a knowing that something wonderful and grand is on the way.

As we prepare, we become still and know that things are brightening.  There is a light and our futures look promising.  We know that another year is ending and we have held on tight.  We have fought the good fight on many fronts.  We have combined hope with hope.

As we scrub, clean and scrape off the debris of the year, we reflect.  We think of those that we have lost during this year and other years. They are forever with us, if we quiet ourselves and listen for their voices.

They are silently standing there, beaconing us onward and cheering every time we get back up, after a defeat.  They are pouring oil in our lamps and refueling us.  They are reminding us that it is our time to hold up the banner to represent them as well.  We are stronger because we have known them.

Now, we must continue to carry the torch with a new spring in our steps.  So, we hoist the banner high, knowing that we are lifted up by their angel wings. We thank goodness that we have been chosen to see another Christmas.  We are filled with joy because we are happy, healthy, prosperous and whole as we renew daily!

Lynn M.                                                                December 24, 2015




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