Get Ready!

Sparkling 2016

It’s a New Year and so many of us are ready for fresh beginnings.  We know what is no longer working and we are ready for the crisp and new!

Better days are ahead and they normally start with a change of attitude and outlook.  We have to admit that the former ways have played out.  I chuckle when I think of this television commercial where this woman talks about the same ole, same ole.  She says slowly, “It’s the same and it’s old.”

Some of us make those New Year’s resolutions and put that unnecessary stress on ourselves to live up to those lengthy lists.  Others of us, perhaps a tad older, know not to promise too much, if anything at all.

We just go with the daily flow and allow those intuitive leads to point us in the right direction.  Our spirits are ready so we become like magnets that attract the untried and the untested.  Those safe harbors can no longer hold our ships ashore, so we lift the anchors and venture out into the deep yonder.

We may think that we have not been edging forward, but we have.  If we take an honest inventory, we can see how far that we have come.  St. Francis de Sales said, “True progress quietly and persistently move along without notice.”  So, yes! We are ready for 2016 and all of the wonders that it holds for us!

Lynn M.                                                               January 4, 2016


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