The Fresh Winds of Opportunity

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a breeze of fresh air. It is a sure reminder that we are alive and there are new opportunities on the horizon.  We remember the promises that we have made to ourselves and we vow to be vigilant as we move forward.

We also have the chance to do things to make others’ lives more tolerable.  We can act as a buffer while they tumble and break a possible fall.  Like a cushion, we can be a shoulder to lean on when the going gets rough.

We can share our talents and skills by extending ourselves in a variety of ways.  We could organize some papers on a crowded desk or straighten up some books that are in disarray.  Our caring actions can lighten others’ loads and open their doors of optimism.

We might have that tissue on hand to wipe a tear of a child.  We can give a soft pat as we reassure him or her that everything is going to be okay.  Or we may end up comforting an adult who has a bleak outlook about some matter.

Many of us have had some time away from our routines over the holiday break.  We have revved up our engines for the New Year by eating, sleeping and being merry.  We have had time to sit in the silence, breathe deeply, think, renew and reflect.

We’ve come away more focused and clearer about our direction.  We‘ve tossed out the old and stale and our viewpoints have been altered.   We are now living in the present moment.

As we breathe in, we are refurbished.  As we breathe out, we expend more positive energy.  We can use this time as a golden opportunity to share our gifts with those in our sphere!

Lynn M.                                                                  January 9, 2016


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