Still Time!


There is still time!  The New Year is well underway but there is still time to lay down those foundations for positive change.

In education many teachers call them rituals and routines.  These are the daily practices, procedures and rules that students will follow for the entire school year.  They set the tone and outline the expectations for success.

For adults, it is still January.  Even if some of those New Year’s Resolutions are already slipping away or falling by the wayside, you can readjust your wheels and get back on track.

It is easy to relax and pick up the old habits again.  But that way was obviously no longer working. If it had been, there would not have been a noted need for change or improvement.

There are ten days left in the first month of 2016.  Do a recap. See how many new ways have been put into place. It is a New Year and a new you is coming through.  You don’t want the mistakes of 2015 to roll over into 2016.

Refocus.  Alter that list.  Reformulate it, if necessary.  Change is crucial to your personal growth and happiness.  Don’t let the lines become blurred.   Walk the chalk line.  Stay with the plan.

Keep those resolves to eat healthier, budget better or choose friends more wisely.  Whatever you promised yourself has merit and worth.  The ideas came to you for a reason and with a pointed effort, they can become a reality.

In many spiritual books, authors speak of a 21-day consistency.  Many believe that it takes that span of time to form new habits or ways of doing things.

There is still time during this January of 2016, to set those new rituals and routines down like a typesetter sets the print for a publication.  Get knee deep into the new and innovative promises that you made to yourself and before you know it, there will be smiles for miles!

Lynn M.                                                                               January 22, 2016


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