Getting it Right!

At times in our lives, we have worked on solving a problem for so long that we feel as if there is no answer.  We sigh!  We lament!  We think that the situation is hopeless.  Darkness and despair try to envelop us.

But if we are wise, we will pick up some inspirational book or quote to sustain us.  Or as we are driving, we may happen to hear a song that emits some light and gives us a glimmer of hope.

We may hear songs like Hold On, Change is Coming by the Sounds of Blackness or Alabama Shakes’ Hold On. Clearly, the lyrics in both of these tunes encourage us to hang in there.

Sometimes we might hibernate like bears until the chill passes. We temporarily shut out the world and we no longer listen to the naysayers.  They only make us further doubt ourselves by saying that our situations are hopeless or implying that our visions will never come into fruition.

Some spiritual books refer to these periods as “the dark night of the soul.” They advise us to stay with the problem until a resolution is in sight.  It is comparable to swimmers who come up out of the water to take in a full breath of air.  They see the finish line but they need a new burst of energy for that final lap.

We can identify with those marathon runners who have learned to regulate their breathing to get them through all twenty-six miles of the route.  Or we may think of the writer who remains quiet until the Muses speak and reveal that next idea for that award-winning novel.

There is an answer to every dilemma, but we have to stick with it and truly hold on.  With persistence, the way will reveal itself.  We will get our bearings.  We will know what to do as we work on getting it right.  Billy Jean King reminds us that, “Champions keep playing until they get it right!”

Lynn M.                        January 27, 2016



2 thoughts on “Getting it Right!

  1. Very encouraging for those of us who feel like giving in and up, Lynn. Beautiful as always! Twitter is not working tonight, but I will share this when it’s connecting again. Your posts are always worth reading xx

    Liked by 1 person

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