Jogging that Memory!

jogging 3

Sometimes we forget what we already know.  Then, there may be something that shakes us up like a mixer and we remember.  We run across an old trusty book that has guided us before or we may locate the number of a long forgotten friend or happen to see that business card with the name of that expert who assisted us in the past.  Our response may be, “Oh yeah.”

All of these may have positively served us in the past but during the busyness of life, we have filed them away.  Yet, at the most needed time, “Voila!” They reappear to aid us in finding a solution to a current dilemma.

Our memory banks are like filing systems.  We may have tucked information way back into the recesses of our minds, but it still remains in our possession.  It is similar to a database.  We have to type the right thing into that search box before answers spew out in multiple formats.

We can compare our memory storage bins to patient grandmothers who silently sit and wait for us to return.  They know that we will need their hands of guidance one more time.  We sigh with a sense of relief and see that nothing is ever really lost.  It may be hidden from plain view, but it is still there -waiting to be retrieved, revisited and reused.

And again, like a doting grandparent, there is no scolding.  There is just a nod of the head and quiet smile that seems to say, “Everything is right where you left it.  I am happy to see that you remembered.”  We now have the tools needed for a hefty resolution because our memory has been jogged!

Lynn M.                                                                        February 8, 2016


4 thoughts on “Jogging that Memory!

  1. My memory is like my bag. Things get buried so deep in it, a shake isn’t enough to unearth things. It has to be tipped upside down before what I need will come out 🙂 Since tipping me upside down is not a good idea, you can guess what happens to that data! Great post, Lynn

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