Smiling Eyes!

There’s nothing more delightful than looking into a set of smiling eyes.  As the adage goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”  Those happy eyes speak volumes.

When eyes are warmed with a silent approval, it is quite heart-warming.  They simply say, “I am pleased or I feel encouraged to keep on keeping on.”  We all need that from time to time.

In a world that is filled with so much struggle and strife, we can appreciate those moments of joy, however temporary.  It fills us like a tall, refreshing drink of cool water. Our thirst is quenched and we are refilled with hope in life and in each other

When working with children, it does not take a lot to see a set of beautiful, smiling eyes.  They may be garnered by merely handing out a piece of construction paper to create something.  Or their eyes smile with glee because they were given some individual time for a lesson or a pep talk

With adults, however, those smiling eyes are a bit harder to come by. They have more issues to face, so those moments of harmony can vastly brighten their outlook.  Finding some humor in the midst of a bleak situation makes it all more tolerable.   Or, eyes may graciously smile when a colleague passes a compliment and it is noted in all of the right places.

Songs have a way of saying things that lips cannot speak.  Stevie Wonder’s song Joy Inside My Tears serenades us while it speaks of the journey of the human spirit. Like rivers, songs keep us flowing right along.

Acts of kindness or small hugs of compassion can brighten anyone’s day.   The returns are rewarding.  Barbra Streisand’s rendition of Make Someone Happy serves as a great reminder to share with others.

Push play and hear these two great artists perform as a duet in People.  It takes people working together to bring on those smiling eyes!

Lynn M.                                                     February 13, 2016


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