Being Moved!

Have you ever whined and moaned when you lost a particular job or a relationship was no longer salvageable?  Perhaps some large entity was removed from your life and you felt as if you could not go on?  You cried and said, “Why meWhat did I do to deserve this?” And the rants go on and on.

Years ago, I wrote a few lines which could be called a hymn.  I sing it at my lowest times and it says, “That’s the Lord working in your favor.  So just cool out and thank the Lord.”

Once you have survived that unsolicited upheaval and you are breathing again, you will see that it was really for your good. You were just removed from an Egypt experience and a part of a forced exodus.  You dodged the danger.  You did not see it coming but your guiding angels did.

When the dust has settled from the movement, you may sigh, “Oh my! Thank goodness!”  Your burden has been lifted and you feel lighter!

So, the next time you are being moved to make a move, lean in.  Don’t always pull back on the reins and hold on. Loosen your grip and gently ride with the tides of change.

I recently read a book called Biblioburro: A True Story from Columbia by Jeanette Winter, to a group of first graders.  Luis, the main character, loved books and his wife complained that there was no more room in the house for them.

He decided to use his two burros to carry some of the books to the children over in the mountains. One burro or donkey pulled back and refused to budge when he saw a stream of water while they were in route.

Donkeys are credited for being great pack animals, but they can also be quite stubborn  if there is something that they don’t want to do. There is an illustration of the burro pulling back as Luis is pulling forward. The donkey was not comfortable crossing the stream and was probably reacting out of fear.

In life, we often act like the burro.  We defy situations because we are afraid of the unknown and the untested. Ultimately, the donkey stopped resisting and Luis was able to transport his treasured books to the awaiting children.

When we lean in and stop pulling back, we may find that we like where we end up. We may later look in our rear view mirror and truly thank our lucky stars!

stubborn mule 2


Lynn M.                                                             March 11, 2016


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