Painting is Poetry!

Painting is silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks.” –Plutarch

This Plutarch quote speaks volumes for a variety of reasons. This is the first day of National Poetry Month which is celebrated every April. So, hats off to the poets- past, present and future. I align poetry to painting because both forms of art speak to the heart.

Yesterday, I visited an art gallery and I saw paintings done by three different artists. First, Didier Nolet’s oil paintings were simply breathtaking. I moved quietly from piece to piece feeling a sense of awe and wonder. This Parisian-born artist has a wonderful way of duplicating God’s majesty through his paintings of scenic landscapes.

His colors are rich and vibrant, yet subtle enough to keep viewers standing, staring and studying. I kept stepping back to get a full view because Nolet’s works vary in size. It is important to really see what he is sharing with his audience.

His views, his takes and his interpretations of what he has seen are simply rewarding. There is no other word to describe his pieces such as Up North, Rolling Clouds, Lake Michigan or the multiple works from his Rain Series.

I  went downstairs to another gallery and looked at the art of Mary Jo Huck. She is an artist who works with oils as she replicates people from various walks of life. Anyone who has taken an art class knows how hard it is to sketch  the human face, unless of course you are a born natural, like Huck.

Her people seem as real and authentic as a photograph. Her works called The Espel Family, Bridal Glory and The Sled Baby all left memorable impressions.

Bonnie J. Katz’s paintings were the last of the tour.  Her works focus on interior home designs. She works with oils and charcoals as she duplicates chairs, furniture settings and rooms that may found in any dwelling. She does a fine job as she makes us take a second look at the geometric shapes and arrangements of items that we see and use everyday.

That is what good artists do.  They make us pause and take notice of things we regularly view but rarely ponder until we see their replications in some art form.

Plutarch said that ‘poetry is painting that speaks.’ Here is my latest poem that sings its own song!

Yellow April!

April’s wet spring showers,

Brings May’s fragrant flowers.

Yellows, greens, blues abound,

Birds make a chirping sound.

And poets celebrate,

As they pen poems, first rate.

Earth is being reborn.

Clean-up for spring.  Adorn!


Lynn M.                                                                                             April 1, 2016

2 thoughts on “Painting is Poetry!

  1. I’ve got that springy feeling from your blog, Lynn! As always, a beautifully inspiring post. I agree that poetry and painting have much in common!

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