Writing Poetry!

ink pens

Writing poetry is like writing a short melody. It makes my heart sing as the words flow through me like free-falling raindrops.

Splash! Pluck!

They fall gently and roll across the pages of my mind and awaken me like an alarm clock.

I hear. I become still.  I listen.

I see what is being said to me and I work diligently to record the words. They move in upward motions like the musical notes on a sheet of music that is being played by a pianist.

Poems are tokens of love.  We give them to others who are able to hear what we hear. They last longer than a bouquet of flowers, a scenic sunset or a fast-fleeting rainbow.

Poetic words tell what the Muses have whispered in our ears.  They bring:

Reflections!  Lyrics!  Songs!  Magic! Majesty! 


Joy! Encouragement!  Colors! Hope! Life!

Being Alive! 

Breathing! Circulating!  Communicating! Peace! Sharing!

Poems have a way of creating these welcome feelings in a few carefully recorded words.

Happy National Poetry Month!

Lynn M.                                                                 April 7, 2016

4 thoughts on “Writing Poetry!

  1. You’re right there – poems can certainly be long lasting. I was reading a beautiful poem this morning written towards the end of the sixteenth century and it was totally fresh. Hope you enjoy National Poetry month. 🙂

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