Good Reads!

What propels writers to pick up their pens?  What have they seen, felt or heard that will not leave their spirits alone until it is scribbled out on a page?

When writers have that divine discontent or that restlessness to tell a tale, they have been known to use napkins, paper towels or any available paper.  They must unleash that flow of words to capture those thoughts and feelings.

Those motifs refuse to stay dammed up or held back.  So, they push their way forward while the scribes act as mere instruments used for expression.

Some stories must be told, shared or made visible to the human eye. They can be compared to a hefty sub sandwich bearing all of the outer wrappings before biting into the meat or main ingredient.

A plot unfolds after the characters and setting are introduced in quite in the same way that the crusted bread lays the foundation for a good sandwich.   The mayo and condiments can be equated to the suspense that builds as the story reaches a crescendo.

And then, at last, something key happens. The reader sits up and takes notice.  The pages are turned more rapidly to see what will happen next. After things have come to a rest, everyone is altered or changed in some way, including the reader.

A bite has been taken in the sandwich and the meat has been tasted.  The reader inaudibly replies,  “Ah, there is the rub.” The lesson is clear.  It is well-received. The reader sits back after digesting  the book and sighs, “Now, that was a good read.


Lynn M.                                                                                                  May 8, 2016

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