#Am Writing!


Writers are often looking for good topics.  They have to be keen observers of life and in a moment’s notice, they may have an aha moment.  Something appears across their screens and the writing process begins.

Ideas flow and the fountain pours with speed.  The moving hands can barely stay ahead of the race.  There is a writing marathon which hopes to capture all that has been revealed.

I was looking at Author Sandra Cisneros speak on You Tube, from the Book Festival of 2012. She talked about never running out of material or things to write about because she reminded her audience that we live stories throughout the day.

That was such an interesting take on life because it holds true.  She talked about stories being born every moment that we participate in this life.  The real challenge for writers is to find the time to sit down and put the words on a page of paper.

Every encounter with another person is a potential story or vignette.  Life lessons are being learned and experienced minute by minute.  Small things such as chatting with a colleague at the local grocery story can easily turn into a story.

Every day offers several simple stories.  Watching how others spend their time as they wait for their clothes to wash or dry at a laundromat could evolve into some mini tales.

Some may read or organize business papers while others tap out messages on their electronic devices; but with the addition of that creative touch, some truth may shine through in the form of a narrative.

It is the little things that people do on a daily basis that often pique the interest of readers.  Afterall, emotions and responses are universal and many can identify as they also travel through this life.

The beauty lies in the fact that someone took the time to write it down or pen it.  Thus, hearts are touched and snippets of everyday occurrences are shared.

Writers remind us that we are indeed alive and that each moment is filled with delightful little stories. Ernest Hemingway said it best when he said, “To write about life, you must live it!

Lynn M.                     May 15, 2016

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