BPL Courtyard

Sometimes, we have to go back to old familiar territory to breathe and restore our Spirits. After all, every past year of our lives still belong to us and we have the right to borrow from already charted waters.

I recently taught a story called Eleven by Sandra Cisneros and she graciously reminded us that we are a composite of all of the ages that we have ever been. She says that we keep aging, but we never forget the experiences of each year that we have lived.

I wrote:

Every year, every tear,
Of the past.
Brought us to where
We are now.
Every lift, every fall,
Every stumble, every bumble.
Led us to this very day.

When there is a need for a feeling of wholeness, we can always revisit our former places to retrieve a sense of balance. We need to feel good so that we can calmly walk through the open doors awaiting us.

We may need to take a step back before we can move forward. Going to spaces and places that offered us recompense in the past strengthen and steady us as we evolve into whoever we are becoming.

Then, we can lean back and do an Ali shuffle and rope-a-dope our fears as we welcome the new and sure!

Lynn M.                                                                 June 5, 2016

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