Getting Unblocked!

Have you ever wondered what is blocking your blessings?  Have you sighed and asked what is going on as you wait for the good, the new or the fresh? Well, you might need to do some cleaning and get unblocked.

I recently read Simple Matters:  Living with Less and Ending Up with More by Erin Boyle.  She made her readers take a candid look at the whole notion of accumulation.  In this consumer-based society, we bring something inside of our dwellings every time we enter the door.  It could be something as simple as the junk mail that we vow to go through at a later time. Hence, we have stuff.  Stuff is everywhere.

Boyle shows us how to declutter.   She makes us look at the many things sitting around our homes.  I went on a clearing and decluttering frenzy after I completed her book.  I was able to scale 12 boxes down to seven, thus far.

I let go of old textbooks, college papers, old pictures and lots of things that are no longer a part of my existence after I listened to her careful instruction.  I released old manuals to appliances and devices that I no longer own.  I donated books that I have already read to the local library.

I let go of stuff from former jobs, events and celebrations.  And if I stand back from what I now deem valuable, I could possibly let go of some more things.  My summer has gotten off to a meaningful start.

In some instances, I could not believe what I was still hauling around with me.  Some items even got an “Ugh,” response when I picked them up for evaluation.

I am already beginning to feel lighter. When we throw caution to the wind and clear out that cumbersome stuff or junk, we will become unblocked and more free!

Lynn M.                                                                                                             June 18, 2016



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