It’s On!

It’s on, is a coined phrase that means that things are happening.  One of my recording teacher’s referred to it as live stage.  This meant that the activity was at its peak.

It is August!  The summer party is drawing to a close.  Soon, it will be time to put the beach balls away, pack up the swimwear, the inner tubes and the other pool items. School is about to start and this time of the year is not to be taken lightly.

Students will be getting new school supplies and meeting new teachers.  New clothes, pencils, paper, tablets, laptops, book bags, shoes, socks, the works are on the agenda.

Principals will be looking for new teachers.  They must have that staffing in place because a classroom full of students without a teacher would  be a travesty. Simply unthinkable!

Anxiousness and anxiety are about to fill the air.  Thank goodness we have the Summer Olympics from Rio.  Watching the athletes perform is a calming hiatus during this season of  high energy and uncertainty.

There will be registrations and the hope of getting into the right classes for those on the college scene.  New dorm mates will be met and searches for housing will push this group into a frenzied state.  Everything has to be in place before that first day of classes.

Parents will scramble to buy new uniforms and wardrobes.  They may have to get medical forms filled out or take the little ones in for those annual shots.  They will be rechecking those school lists to make sure that they have everything that the school has asked them to provide for their children.

Summer camps will end.  Summer workers will be calculating because they know that the last check is a stone throw away.  It’s been fun but seasonal work is seasonal work.  Summer is pulling into its last stop.

Even businesses are affected.  Yes, they were exhausted from the throngs of kids coming in and out of the revolving doors. It was trying and taxing, but after all, the sales did add up.   Some of the cash flow that they enjoyed counting will vanish as the kids go back to school.

Fewer security guards will be needed at those malls that the teens use as a meeting place.  The parks won’t be filled for endless hours nor will there be a need for manpower at those outdoor concerts.

As the children and young adults  go back to school,  many will let out a huge sigh of  relief. Yet, after a little while, they may feel a sense of boredom because they  miss the drama and constant motion from the children. No one will remain unaffected because it is truly on!

School stuff

Lynn M.                                                                                                                         August 9, 2016



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