I attended a lecture and a panel of six members spoke on the meaning of courage. They compared courage to the roar of a lion king. I started jotting down some of the words and phrases that rolled off of their lists. With the audience’s help, they came up with the following:

Fearing nothing
Triumphant over adversity
Acting courageously
Standing alone with Spirit
Not retreating
Trusting the law
Taking action
Facing fear
Not giving in
Not becoming stagnant
Not being swayed
Holding on to one’s belief or faith.

All I could do was scribble notes as fast as my fingers would move. With each pen stroke, my own personal courage seemed to surge. I started affirming things like, “I can do this.” or “Yes, I can.” I could see some of my mountains crumbling down into small ant hills. I left the lecture feeling more hopeful and knew that I needed to devise a plan of action when I got home.

We all need to be reminded that we can face some feat and tackle it with a degree of composure and grace. We have to take a leap of faith and as Ray Bradbury said, “Jump and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.”

Lynn M.                                                                                                  August 29, 2016


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