Shared Stories

Have you ever thought, “Woe me or why me when faced with some disconcerting situation?”  You stand alone or you think you are standing alone as you wallow and sink into deeper despair.  You feel as if you have descended into the pits of your own perceived dungeon.

And then, a  light bulb goes off.  You run into friends, colleagues or acquaintances and you connect with each other.  They begin to share their stories and tales of woe.  And just for a minute, you put your own monsters to rest as you listen to them.  Light shines just a little as you realize that you are not alone.  Others are experiencing their own private hell zones as well.

So you tune in and come up a few floors as you two converse. They spill their own shocks, disbeliefs and things that are currently consuming them.  You feel for them as they give the sordid details and automatically, you offer them words of encouragement. The healing balm begins for both of you because oftentimes, getting it out into the open is half of the battle.

The stories flow and flow and flow like water rippling over a giant rock.  The exchange is a great form of release. Yes, you hear the other person, but you also hear yourself.  Mysteries begin to unfold and the puzzle pieces start to fall into place.  You understand those things which once baffled you.

You walk away from those discourses feeling more empowered.  You know that you are not alone in your suffering.  Everybody is going through something. Soon, a definite course of action reveals itself and you say, “Okay. I know just what to do.”

It’s wonderful when you have the opportunity to talk with others who can identify with the challenges of the moment.  And yes, it is for the moment, because these shared stories offer new points of view.  Like rearranging the furniture, you move the pieces around to emit more light.  You create a little feng shui in your world and  there is a returning sense of calm and order.

More positive energy  floats around as you exhale and get rid of the stale outlooks.  You inhale the new possibilities as you  fall back into alignment with Spirit. The imbalance disappears and you feel like going on.  You silently or audibly thank those who listened to you and helped you get back onto the yellow brick road.

The Buddha said, “No one can save us but ourselves.  No one can and no one may.  We ourselves must walk the path.”  However, sharing stories truly helps us to locate that path and step onto it as we ‘Ease on down the road!’


Lynn M.                                                                           September 18, 2016

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