Reinventing Ourselves

How often have we been asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Some of us pondered and wavered while others knew right off the cuff and answered immediately.  Some of us found our way into our fields of choice but those who have lived for a few seasons know that they may not last for a working lifetime.

Today, few of us will stay in one profession long enough to get a gold watch.  We may do a job for multiple years and become burned out and need a change. Or, the type of work becomes obsolete and no longer exists.

Then, we must upgrade our skills by taking some college courses or by getting more training so we can move on to a new dimension.  We fall into another profession, so to speak.

Sometimes, the old and the new jobs mesh together and one serves as a totem pole to reach a new height.  Other times, the jobs are totally dissimilar; but if we are wise, we continually reinvent ourselves.  We do what is required to keep it moving.

Over time, we may move back and forth like a river.  We take on a new persona until we come to the end of a road.  Then, we may find that a skill previously used, has become lucrative again.

We change hats! We may pull out the old hat, take it to the millinery shop and have it dusted and reblocked.  It is now ready for use.  We resituate our newly refurbished chapeaux on our heads and carry on.

In order to keep the dollars flowing and the skills shared, we switch it up like we shuffle a deck of cards.  The bottom line is to hear that wondrous sound, “Cha-ching, as the green money fills our coffers. Times changes and so must we.

The other day I asked a group of first graders the proverbial question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Several of them had the foresight to roll off a list of about four or five professions.  Either their parents have been teaching them to not put all of their eggs in one basket or they are simply wiser than we were as children.  The Scripture reminds us that, “a small child shall lead them.”

We need to latch onto their wisdom and realize that we must be able to interchange and exchange professional choices.  We should gain as many skills as we can muster along our journeys and put them in our knapsacks. Then, we can pull out that skill that is signaling a beaconing light and hit the “Apply” button so we can cheerfully laugh all of the way to the bank!


Lynn M.                                                                  September 25, 2016

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