World Series Tidbits!

As I watch the Cubs play the World Series, so many things come to mind.  First, I honor those Cub fans in the family who have to be smiling down from heaven.  That would be my father and his sister, my Aunt Louise. They were both devoted fans.

When I visited her, she would often have on the Cubs game when in season.  They were on the television, which she had muted while she listened to the plays on a radio.  This was her way, but the Cubs she loved.  We knew not to bother or interrupt either of them when the game was on.

This is the Chicago Cubs first trip to the World Series since 1945, the birth year of my oldest sister.  Here we are seventy-one years later with high hopes once again. Chicago is rocking and reeling right now and so many personal stories have been spawned out of this event.

One granddaughter brought the media’s attention to her grandfather who is 97 years old.  He was returning from WWII in 1945 and attended the last Cubs World Series game.  She wanted him to have this opportunity again, so she set up a Go-Fund Me page.  Someone kindly gave him front row seats and his family decided to donate the monies raised to a veteran charity!

Another poignant story surrounds the opposing team’s pitcher, Josh Tomlin.  His father was finally able to attend the World Series.  He is paralyzed and at one point they did not think that he would be able to go to the game.  However, he was interviewed from the sidelines last night and spoke of how proud he was to see his son pitch an amazing game.

Cubs’ fans have come from all over the globe.  Two men admitted to the media that they had paid $5000 for each ticket. Wow!  Thank goodness, it is being aired on television and we can see it for free!

This is an exciting time in Chicago!  It has the adrenaline flowing and regardless of the outcome, history has still been made for the Cubs!!  Go Cubs!


Lynn M.                                                                                                                       October 30, 2016

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