Herb Kent: A Tribute

Herb Kent came like a soft lantern,
Whose brilliance was turned up
To emit a more glorious light.
Its rays brightened each starry night.

We listened to his melodious voice,
On the Chicago airwaves,
That charmed us, wowed us and gave us glee.

The King of Dusties! Spinning records at those Steppers Sets.
He could transport us back to times gone by,
And fill us with the musical history along the way.

During those turbulent 60’s,
He calmed us, stilled us and
Reminded us that this too shall pass.

Then, his light dimmed with a gentle hush,
As softly as a candle is blown out.
Poof! Gone.

Yet, he breezed through his life and ours.
We are so glad that he ‘stopped on by.’

He gave us so much!
And we are the richer because of his anointed journey!
Lynn M.                                                          November 6, 2016


2 thoughts on “Herb Kent: A Tribute

  1. Lovely, Lynn! He sounds like a remarkable man. Your poem is a great tribute. On the subject of ‘This too shall pass” I have posted a video with George Harrison’s song All things must pass!

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