Those Old Love Songs!

Have you ever listened to a beautiful love song and then felt the need to attach its meaning to someone?  In order to connect to the flow of the lyrics, you pick up the memories of a former love that you’ve already released!

Why?  Because you are not currently involved in a relationship, so you unconsciously reach back into the past. Danger! Danger!  The last thing you want to do is recycle what has already been placed in the dumpster.

You can stir around and stir around and chances are you will find a small salvageable piece for longer use. But nine times out of ten, you will end up trashing it again.

So when those touching love songs come on, enjoy one or two and get caught up in that false nostalgia for a few minutes.  Play them sparingly, if you are at an in-between stage in relationships.

In order to avoid crying in your soup over some stale, spilled milk, you should change that tune.  Put on some freeing, airy music instead.  Try some nice instrumentals, a tad of jazz, some classical or even a little light rock, rap or reggae to liven your step.

But don’t become enmeshed in those love songs that make you pine for something that you’ve  already  discarded.  Those words can pull at your heart-strings and make you travel down a guaranteed bumpy road. Again!

Instead, listen to some calm or even humorous music that allows you to think clearly and feel hopeful.  The holidays are coming and you don’t want to be dizzy while seated on a tiring merry-go round at the beginning of the New Year.  Be mindful of what you listen to as you prepare for your fresh, new date with destiny!

music-notesLynn M.                                                                                                                                                                  November 13, 2016


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