A Week before Christmas!

Christmas Bells

It is almost here- the most wonderful time of the year! The most precious holiday is almost upon us.  People busily prepare for Christmas Day!

Trees are strewn with colorful lights.  Bells ring for hopeful donations.  Malls are filled with throngs of people looking for that perfect gift.  Children spell out their Christmas Wish Lists.   And, the beat goes on as each person has a personal agenda for that special day.

Some will stand in long lines at the airport hoping for minimal delays.  Others will gas up the family van or car for that sainted road trip as they constantly check the weather forecasts for warnings and safety tips.

Some may opt out of being a part of the frantic pace and simply bring their activities to a slow halt.  They may choose to have a low-key retreat and truly let those “chestnuts roast on an open fire.”

Others may decide that a good holiday is a time to put on the new pajamas and curl up with a good book.  They may cook, eat, sleep and deepen that groove in the couch like a couch potato with the remote control close by.

Whatever the choices, it is a time to be merry, safe and filled with that blessed cheer!

Lynn M.                                                                 December 18, 2016

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